My name is Brent Hartinger, and I love to write. These days, I write my books and movies while also traveling all over the world.


I’ve loved creative projects ever since I was a kid. For the past fifteen years, I’ve made my living writing fiction full-time, mostly novels and screenplays. I’ve published fourteen novels, had ten screenplays optioned, and had two of my projects turned into feature films.

Me and Michael.

Me and Michael.

I also love to travel. In fact, I no longer have a home. Instead, I travel the world indefinitely with my husband, writer Michael Jensen, moving to a new country every few months. You can follow our "digital nomad" journey at Brent and Michael Are Going Places.

My first novel Geography Club (2003) is the story of a gay teen named Russel Middlebrook. It was one of the very first in a new wave of break-out LGBT young adult fiction, and it was later adapted as a feature film co-starring Scott Bakula. I subsequently wrote three more books about Russel, calling them The Russel Middlebrook Series. I tried to give these books a lot of humor and heart.

In 2013, I continued Russel’s story as he grew up, into his twenties, in a new, stand-alone series called Russel Middlebook: The Futon Years. These books are “new adult” (making Russel one of very few literary characters to “jump” genres in projects created by the same author). And I also have a new, stand-alone series starring Russel’s gay disabled friend Otto Digmore, called The Otto Digmore Series.

I love mysteries and thrillers. My 2016 gay teen puzzle box thriller Three Truths and a Lie was nominated for an Edgar Award (this, and my 2005 novel Grand & Humble, are real mind-benders, trust me). My 2007 YA mystery, Project Pay Day, is much lighter, and has also been adapted as feature film (which I wrote), to be released in 2020.

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I have lots of other movie projects in the works. You can see some of my screenplay work here.

I also sometimes write plays. I adapted Geography Club into a stage play, which has now been produced all over the country. (If you’re involved with a theater and want a copy of the script, or my other gay teen script The Starfish Screamcontact me.)

I try hard to write books that are page-turners, and movies that are fast-paced and accessible. If I had to describe my own writing projects, I would say, “Strong central concept, strong plot, strong character and voice.”

Here’s my take on what makes writing “good” or “bad.”

Basically, I see myself as a storyteller. But I think “story” is a lot more than “beautiful language” or complicated camera angles, which I often find self-indulgent and distracting. In most cases, I think the important thing for a writer or filmmaker is to get out of the way and just tell the damn story.

I recently even wrote a song. Check out the song I wrote (and sang!) for a recent book. (But keep your expectations low. I'm not really a songwriter, and I'm definitely not a singer, especially without the help of AutoTune.)

(Incidentally, you can buy this song on iTunes, or wherever you purchase music. Here's the story of how this song came to be.)

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A funny and poignant series about Russel Middlebrook’s gay disabled friend, Otto Digmore, as he struggles to make it as an actor in Hollywood. New Adult, stand-alone.



My various mysteries, including an Edgar Award nominee, a mind-bender with a twist ending, and a book adapted for an upcoming feature film.



A fun and sexy series about a twentysomething gay guy trying to figure out life and love. A #1 Amazon bestseller. New Adult, stand-alone.



The classic, Lambda Award-winning YA series about a gay teen and his collection of smart, dorky friends. Also a feature film.


My husband and I have no permanent home. Instead, we continuously travel the world, even as I keep writing my books and screenplays. Below is a map of our journey so far.

Currently, we're in Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia.

We’re loving this vibrant, up-and-coming city in Eastern Europe, between Russia and Armenia. This is our eighth major “digital nomad” stop, after previously living for several months each in Miami, Florida; Birgu, Malta; Matera, Italy; Bansko, Bulgaria; Koh Lanta, Thailand; Hoi An, Vietnam; and Gimentz, Switzerland. And we’ve stopped in lots of other countries and cities along the way!

Learn more at Brent and Michael Are Going Places.

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