Brent Hartinger Sings! Listen to the Song I Wrote for THE ROAD TO AMAZING

Get this! I wrote and recorded a song for my latest book, The Road to Amazing. Here it is, set to some footage of Russel and Kevin from the oldGeography Club feature film:

You can even buy it on iTunes (or wherever you purchase music).

What’s the story behind the song?

Back in 2003, when I wrote the summer camp book The Order of the Poison Oak (the second book featuring Russel Middlebrook), Otto Digmore sang a song around the campfire. Originally, that song was going to be “Landslide” by Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac. But when HarperCollins contacted her, she said: no, we couldn’t have the rights to the lyrics.

Yikes! Panic time!

Thinking fast, I sat down and wrote my own song, “Is It Okay If I Need You Tonight?” (HarperCollins even included the music to the song in their original paperback edition). And, of course, it ended up being much better than if Stevie Nicks had given us the rights to use her song.

Flash forward to The Road to Amazing, the latest book featuring Russel Middlebook (just released!).Otto Digmore is back for Russel’s wedding, and he has a new song to sing. Once again, I decided to use an actual song I had written (this time, with some help from my friend Danny Oryshchyn).

The difference? I decided to also actually sing it (with more help from my uber-talented musician-friend Jeremy Ward), and release it out into the world.

Keep in mind that I don’t flatter myself a singer. I’m not even really a musician (I know about three chords on the guitar, like Ringo Starr).

That said, I do know my characters. I love trying new things. And I’m generally pretty good at faking it.

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P.S. It’s possible that the lines “Cause this time and place, you’re here with me” took me about fifteen different takes to get right. And even then we may have had to splice four different takes together!

Buy “This Time and Place” on iTunes.