The Simple, Most Important Way Readers Can Support Authors (Isn't What You Think)

A lot of people assume that the most important thing a reader can do to support an author they like is to buy their books.

The truth is, the single most important thing you can do is to leave a nice review and/or rating at and you like the book!).

Book sales are nice, but let’s face it: we authors only make a couple bucks per book anyway.

Meanwhile, it’s kind of impossible to overstate how important Amazon reviews and Goodreads ratings are to an author. They don’t just help spread the word about an author or a book; they literally affect the algorithms those sites use to determine which books get more prominently featured.

Basically, a book sale is only one sale (and I always appreciate it!). But a nice review on Amazon and a high-star rating on Goodreads will lead to many more sales. And that’s how we authors pay our rent, and are able to keep writing books people like.

Just sayin’.

Brent Hartinger