I'm Traveling the World! Join me on BRENT AND MICHAEL ARE GOING PLACES

In 2017, my husband Michael and I decided to sell our house in Seattle and travel the world. 

No, seriously, it's true. We're not retired or anything -- I'm continuing to write my books and movies. But we're also writing about our experiences as "digital nomads."

It's all part of a project we're calling Brent and Michael Are Going Places.

Funny story. I've been publishing novels for almost twenty years now, and can I be honest? It's has usually been incredibly difficult to get any mainstream press for my books. And TV shows? Fuhgettaboutit!

Basically, the mainstream isn't very interested in books, much less books with gay themes.

Hey, I"m on TV. Click to watch, I appear around 2:22.

Hey, I"m on TV. Click to watch, I appear around 2:22.

But since Michael and I started our digital nomad journey eight months ago? We've been on CBS Sunday Morning, and in Forbes and the New York Times. Just yesterday, Michael was interviewed by Italy's version of the BBC. Basically, everywhere we go, mainstream journalists want to interview us! We haven't even had to pitch ourselves: they come to us. Basically, we just show up.

Authors? You're not crazy for thinking book promotion is really, really hard.

Anyway, how did Brent And Michael Are Going Places come about?

Like a lot of married couples, over the years my husband and I have mused: What would it be like if we just up and sold everything and traveled the world?

But for the most part, we were just dreaming.

Then came the election of Donald Trump. Like many people, we saw the election of this corrupt and ignorant demagogue as a sign that something has gone seriously wrong in America (and in the media that enabled him).

We also saw it as an opportunity.

Me and my husband, Michael Jensen!

Me and my husband, Michael Jensen!

We'd been planning to travel the world "eventually," but Trump's election proved to be the excuse we needed to do it sooner rather than later.

We're not abandoning our country, or giving up on the fight against bigotry and tyranny, but we knew we needed some perspective. If nothing else, international travel gave us a feeling of control at a time when the country and world seemed decidedly out of control.

We spent 2017 selling our house, downsizing our belongings, and moving our lives into the cloud. Then we started making plans for all the places we wanted to see.

On January 2nd, 2018, we left Seattle to start our adventure. Our plans for 2018 include multi-month stays in Miami; the island country of Malta; Matera, Italy; and Bansko, Bulgaria; with shorter stops in Lisbon, Barcelona, and Istanbul. In 2019, we'll be in Australia, New Zealand, Bali, Thailand, and Japan (maybe. Plans change!).

So far, this already feels like the smartest thing we've ever done. We're spending way less money than we did maintaining a house or apartment in Seattle (seriously!), and we're seeing more fascinating places and meeting more wonderful people than we ever imagined.

But this isn't an "aspirational" project. We'll be documenting our entire journey, warts and all.

As we travel, we're also continuing our careers as writers of fiction. That means we'll also be writing about the business of writing.

I hope you'll join us! Follow along on our website, or on FacebookInstagram, or Twitter.

So far, the best part of our journey (by far!) is the people we've met. If we're in your area, maybe we can meet you in person too.